Transworld Enterprise Services (TES) connects your home with fiber optics to ensure ultra-high speed internet, unlimited downloads, and a HD TV experience you can only get from TES Fiber to the Home. The lightning fast internet speed upto 50 Mbps and live video streaming ensures you the best viewing experience. Today, the use of Wi-Fi at home is an essential need of the entire family. With our 50 Mbps connectivity, multiple users can log-on to their desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, pads, gaming consoles and smart TVs to experience a fast and reliable internet
Experience- truly satisfying the ≈Need for Speed≈ of multiple devices.

UAN +92-21-111-TES-TES (+92-21-111-837-837)

For information: info@tes.com.pk
To talk to our Customer Services Division: csd@tes.com.pk